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Dutch Berry
Chamber of Commerce

Traditional Values in the Modern Era

Thanks to Floris at the Dutch Berry Design Agency we are finally able to bring our businesses online and give the world a glimpse of what we have to offer. Make sure you hit him up if you need online help.

Nice laptop work station

Dutch Berry Gift Shop

Welcome to Dutch Berry White Glossy Mug
Dutch Berry Gift Shop logo
Pastor Dave's "The Long Way Home" Journal Spiral Notebook
Dutch Berry Sheriff's Office Enamel Mug

Did you know that we have an online Dutch Berry Gift Shop?

Make sure you send Floris any products and ideas that you think would be a good addition to our showcase – we don’t just want mugs and yoga pants!
Floris will make sure it looks as Dutch Berry as possible!

Featured Businesses

Dutch Berry Design Agency

Bringing Dutch Berry online one website at a time!

Dutch Berry Butcher Shop

If there was ever a place in Dutch Berry to find a great cut this is it!

Dutch Berry Steakhouse

The best cooking you’ll ever get in this neck of the woods!

Dutch Berry Bakery

The place where all your dessert dreams come true!

Dutch Berry Brewery

It’s not just beer and liquor, it’s a unique taste of Dutch Berry!

Dutch Berry Candlestick Maker

You know you love their candles but did you know they’re also a Doctor and a Midwife?

Dutch Berry Events

Mother’s Day

Join us at Dutch Berry Community Church on Mother’s Day for a special surprise for all the ladies!

Father’s Day

Noah and Chantal have a special treat lined up for us on Father’s Day that you won’t want to miss so head on over to Dutch Berry Steakhouse as soon as all you men of the house wake up!

Pumpkin Growing Workshop

I know it’s still early in the year! But we have a pumpkin workshop coming up at Dutch Berry Farm so you can learn how to make sure you can grow the largest pumpkin to show off at the Dutch Berry Fair!

Time and date still TBD

4th of July Picnic 

Make sure all of you who want to participate reach out to Johannes and Yara for this year’s Independence Day picnic!

Feel the vibes of


We want to start highlighting a different Dutch Berry business here on a regular basis. If you have a great work story or even a founding or family story that relates to your business we want to know about it. 

Team work

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